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How did you come up these steps to derive your system Im primarily an Arts student. Primarily because when I was in junior high, 14 years old, I took a subject called probability, and nobody was able to solve the question that was asked by the teacher (in the whole cohort) and I was the only one that could do it. Where a few years ago a junior trader could be managing 250m dollars, now a senior trader will be lucky to manage 50m. So, there are two types of way they do that. If you are a retail trader and you need to make a living. If you split your trading up into technical vs fundamental, what would that split look like 20 Fundamental, 80 Technical. If there was one mantra or saying our listeners should reminded themselves of each day, to help improve their trading, what would it be Live to fight another day. The very first day I lost half a million dollars when I was 18 years old. So, I trade from 5am, my time, to 3am, my time, the next day. Thats how you move from a man on the street to a successful retail trader, to a professional.

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I started working when I was 14 years old to support myself and my family. And when I researched on Statistics and I started understanding stuff I moved onto Physics, then I went deeper. Which means a chart that only plots when a certain X amount of price has moved so that it reflects the true movement of the price. It means to say, I dont look at 1 minute, 5 minute, but I only look at charts that plot after a certain amount of ticks are formed. Wish they do exist, but the question is: How much do you win when you win and how much do you lose when you lose Thats what George Soros said. Or youre going to get stopped out for no reason because your stop loss is simply too small. You intervene with your algorithm and you try to curve fit (make it better) for no reason and you actually spoil the whole system. I swing trade and do intraday trading which is unusual for professional fund managers. This will help you predict if the Feds are going to raiselower the interest rates.

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Because if you want to trade my way, which is intraday. By the way, my stop loss is seldom more than 10 pips. Because if you use say if it moves 10 pips Ill move by stop by 2 pips, thats not going to work because the market geometric. Only to realise they are forced to use such a small stop loss they surely get stopped out before the market goes in their way. They even have free software you can use to calculate. If youre not happy youre never in the zone. So my favourite entry signals will be half way entering the trend which means that Ill look for a pullback and if the pullback fails Ill enter with the trend. So you cannot have a philosophy where you have to wait 4 hours for the price to confirm before I buy in because youre simply buying late.

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Ill also have an episode about how that went. Thats basically how I exit. Do the banks use that stuff No, they never use that stuff. What if its buggy, what if it has a lot of problems that you cannot foresee And when you have a lot of free souverän investieren mit indexfonds und etfs 5 auflage time you start to think about a lot of strange stuff in your head and sometimes you come to the market and you mess up your own signals. Is that what you were referring to earlier when you were getting these margin calls Yes, because one of the fallacies traders have is that they always complain: If my account had more money I could have held this trade and it could have come back. Where did you educate yourself on jetzt in biotech investieren all this topics Through books.

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